Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crystal Antlers: Psych, garage, lo-fi?

Pitchfork wrote: Catch one of their cramped live shows and you'll get their in-it-to-win-it intensity but not their expansiveness. Hear their self-released EP, and you're getting closer-- besides existing at the cross-section of so many styles, the disc finds the band at a more important nexus of potential and realization. In person, Crystal Antlers look like outcasts from six different bands, and at various points on this record, they sound like it, too: Merging psych, garage, lo-fi, prog, and countless other influences.

I Say..

It still gives me that feeling of being a little bit of an ousider and not really caring, cause you know that you are so much cooler, than all those other guys, with girlfriends and jobs... hmm? well, when I come across bands like Crystal Antlers it confirms in my book that you can still play indie noise, and still be captivating and dear, so I´m posting four songs played at picthforks roof top in New York (Don´t look Down) So you can have a listen, and judge for yourself.

A thousand eyes.

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