Sunday, September 21, 2008

About A Son. Kurt Cobain Documentary.

Official Kurt Cobain About a Son Trailer

Kurt Cobain About A Son.

I saw this Documentary about Kurt Cobain the other day, that was released earlier this year on DVD. The documentary is from 2006 and is a bunch of interviews done with Cobain,in the period between December 92 and march 93 by author and journalist, Michael Azerrad. The documentary is put together with beautiful pictures from Seattle and Aberdeen, Cobain's place of birth and where he grew up. This piece of film contains no music by Nirvana, but don´t worry, the soundtrack, pictures and Kurt´s voice match each other very well, and is well thought
Watching the movie was a very meditative and soothing experience for me, though a bit dark at times, I truly enjoyed myself in the company of Azzerad and Cobain. The movie is intimate, and Kurt tells about his upbringing in Aberdeen, that included Beatles records, A divorce of parents, and a supporting aunt that gave Kurt his first guitar.

I think the documentary works, and it is really nice to hear Kurt Cobain tell his own story, in his own words, and I think you get an insight, into another side of Kurt Cobain that hasen´t been documented before. I recommend it, and I think you should give it a chance, whether you are a Nirvana fan or not.

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